It shocks me sometimes when I realize just how irrelevant horses are to normal people. Like, woah, you DON’T stare at how pretty they are in movies or in a pasture you’re driving by? You DON’T know what a halter is? You don’t contribute at least 10 minutes a day to thinking about OR doing something involved with them?!


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I love how the other one is like “whoop, heres my ride”

Get in, loser, we’re going mopping

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ONCE we were LOST.

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I can’t help crying when I think about the Sewol ferry incident. And then I go in the tags and I cry more, because I get pissed off at the stupid fans in the tags complaining about delayed comebacks.

You may be upset about your favorite band’s comeback, but just try to think about how the people connected to the ferry incident feel. There are over 150 people who have died in that accident so far, and more who are still missing, and it’s extremely likely they will never come back. They don’t get to just delay their return to life. They are gone forever, and their friends and family have lost a loved one. 

So have some fucking decency and think of human lives lost.


It is 2014 stop this



'excuse me. please. no. i will not touch that feather.'

Is that an equine and a feather

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happy easter here’s a chocolate version of the cross our lord was tortured and killed on

it’s a metaphor, you see

you put the killing thing between your teeth


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father of the year award goes to:

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Coup de Foudre | Do not edit or remove logo.

A classic.

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avril lavignes hello kitty video was deleted from youtube and then billboard posted this 


Coup de Foudre | Do not edit or remove logo.
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"If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you."

—(via aliwallacee)
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I really want a Just Dance with only Kpop Songs..

Just Kpop

Do you realise how much weight I will fucking lose if this actually were to happen . OMG . SOMEONE FUCKING DO THIS NOW ! I WANT TO DANCE LIKE SHINee

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Modern Day Monsters



  • Vampires who support blood banks and organize special medical programs for vampires to legally obtain blood
  • Werewolves who join the police K-9 force due to their heightened canine senses that aid them in investigations
  • Ghosts becoming therapists and motivational speakers for the recently deceased to help them adjust to the afterlife
  • Zombies becoming assistants to morticians to ensure the dead are handled fairly and that they look their best for their new afterlife
  • Mummies working with historians and architects to restore and preserve ancient Egyptian monuments and relics
  • Frankenstein monsters joining the medical field to help research human medicine
  • Swamp creatures reintroducing and tracking endangered aquatic and marsh wildlife


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